International Entrepreneur Rule – “Startup Visa” is Back

Entrepreneurs and startups can now bring their business to the United States and secure their “startup visas”. Thanks to Judge Boasberg’s ruling on December 1, 2017, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must begin accepting applications of foreign entrepreneurs and startup companies that wish to bring their ideas and business to the United States. We cannot be any happier.

Background: The International Entrepreneur Rule (IER) was set to be effective as of July 17, 2017 but the DHS – a few weeks prior to the effective date- announced an indefinite postponement of its implementation leaving us to think it may never happen. On September 19, 2017, the National Venture Capital Association, entrepreneurs and startup companies brought a lawsuit challenging the postponement and won. On December 1, 2017 United States District Judge James E. Boasberg ordered the postponement rule to be vacated.